Most people tend to overlook the importance of their tires, but it only takes a little bit of time and effort to improve your car’s performance and give you better gas mileage. The damage is usually caused when you fail to keep them properly inflated. This should be checked every month, at least.

Checking the air pressure goes beyond just preventing a flat tire or blow-out. It will improve the handling of your car. It will make driving more pleasurable and, more importantly, improve handling will help you avoid an accident.  Low tire pressure also increases the wear by creating more resistance with the road. On the other hand, too much air will reduce surface contact and increase stopping distance.

Besides checking tire pressure, you should check the overall condition of your tires. See if the sidewall are cracking, any nails that cause air leaks, and overall depth of the tread. tires for saleUsually you will see a little “cross-bar” across the tread. When that becomes even the surface of your tire, it’s time to replace it. Another way to check is to put a penny in the tread and see if it covers part of Lincoln’s head. If not, it’s time to buy new one’s.

Other signs of tire problems are when your car pulls to one side. This is always a tire problem, but could be the need for wheel alignment. If your car starts to give you a bumpy ride, it could be a bubble with the tread, which you should be able to see. Finally, tread wear on the inside or outside requires you check for tire pressure.

Buying new tires can be expensive, so many people consider buy used ones. Is that a good idea? Well, it certainly will save you, probably, half the cost, but it will also last about half as long. But more importantly, you don’t really know their overall condition. What that means is, you don’t know whether they were driven with improper tire pressure; at high speed; or overloaded. You don’t know their history.

Buying New

If you decide to buy a new ones, you should remember you’ll be riding with them for the next 3-4 years, so do a little homework before looking for tires for sale.  If you liked the ride with your old ones, you’ll probably want to get the same type. If your car always had problems when it rained, it could be you need a tire with deeper tread. A tire shop can help you decide. If you bought your car new, you likely should get the same that came with them, since they were probably designed for it.